Physiotherapy | Fisiteiripe

Physiotherapy | Fisiteiripe

We are very lucky to have Maire Griffin and Maire Twiss as visiting physiotherapists in Clinic Cois Abhann a few days a week.

Appointments can be booked by TEXTING Maire Griffin directly at 089 4169681


The HSE provides physiotherapy services in West Kerry Community Hospital. These are available free of charge with a referral from GPs.

Physiotherapists Maire Griffin and Maire Twiss
Physiotherapists Maire Griffin and Maire Twiss

Physio Videos

Seo scata gear-fhíseáin a thaispeanann chonas cabhrú leat féin!

Here is a helpful exercise routine for low back pain

And here’s a very sensible 6 minute video for treating frozen shoulder

This is a good 5 minute video for treating tennis elbow - (try a can of beans as a weight)

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