What We Do

Doctor Services | Seirbhísí Dochtúra

Urgent medical attention & routine GP care & referral

Chronic Disease Management

Preventative and Lifestyle medicine

Blood tests and screening, full cardiovascular risk profiling

Cardiology services such as ECG, 24 hour Blood Pressure Monitoring

Maternal Care during and after pregnancy (free of charge)

Family Planning Services including procedures such as Implanon and Coil insertion (and removal).

Cervical Smear Tests (free of charge for Irish residents)

Minor Surgery such as biopsy or Removal of skin lesions, suturing,

Ingrown Toe-nail removal,

Cryosurgery to Warts/Verrucas etc.

Travel Medicine advice and vaccinations, approved centre for travel vaccinations

Childhood vaccination (free of charge)

Routine vaccination for all ages

Department of Marine medicals for Seafarers (Recognized test centre)

We do not currently provide services by email, telephone consultations are not routine and only at the doctor’s discretion